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Why vet prescribe compounded medication?

  • Solving dosage problems
Because of the different shapes and weights of animals, commercially available medicines are not always appropriate. They often come in large capsules or extra-large doses which are made for human use. A small kitten will only need a small dose suitable to its weight. That’s where compounding is especially helpful.

Dosages for dogs can also be very tricky. An antibiotic effective for a 40 kg Rotweiller would be too much for a 4 kg Chihuahua.

  • Commercially unavailable medicines
Sometimes manufacturers will discontinue a medication used in veterinary applications.

At Compounding 4 vet we can obtain the pure bulk pharmaceutical and prepare a prescription for the discontinued drug.

  • Flavored medications
We know that dosing medication for many pets can be near impossible.

Our job at Compounding 4 vet is to make this easier for you through a range of different dosage forms that best suit your pet.

Cats don’t like pills, but most like tuna. Dogs don’t appreciate a traditional solution of Amoxycillin being squirted into their mouths, but will gladly take it when it is part of a tasty biscuit or treat.

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